is taking over blog 2016-2018!

Straight to the point, forwardingflows has evolved massively, and I’m switching the focus on my blog entirely on software development. Today, I’m announcing the end of forwardingflows for something bigger. I maintained this blog project for 2 years, which I totally enjoyed. As far as the networking industry from this point forward I’ll be involved only from a development perspective, such as being a developer of the Kytos SDN platform project, and contributing back to the community with a few blog posts about some of the cool features that are coming down the pipe.

The domain will also be gone in the next months. I’m archiving forwardingflows-blog markdown files on GitHub. You can access them there, if you ever need an old post that I wrote.


As you can tell by the title, I also want to take this opportunity to announce my next blog project,, which is taking over If you’re into Python and Go, I encourage you to follow my blog. See you there at You can always reach me out on twitter, stay tuned!


Vinicius Arcanjo.