Kytos 2018.2b2 has been released!

Kytos 2018.2b2

Kytos 2018.2b2 has just been released and notably the shiny new asyncio Python library is part of the core, which is expected to bring some IO performance improvements. The main TCP server is now running on asyncio loop, and other blocking tasks, which are still to be migrated, are running on top of ThreadPoolExecutor.


The following functionalities have been added:

  • Added __str__() and __repr__() methods for KytosEvent and Connection classes to be easy to see logging and debugging information.
  • Added web/update/<version>/ endpoint to update Kytos Web Interface with a specific version.
  • Added asyncio support in tcp server and controller. API Server, IPython, event handlers and event notifications are still running on separate threads.

Stay tuned!